Another song written and recorded by Denis Keldie and myself from our home studios using Digital Performer/files flying back and forth/chats by phone. Thanks to Carla van der kleij or it still wouldn’t be posted.


Here’s a new song co- written with Denis Keldie (The Extras, Prairie Oyster, The Lincolns…) In these covid times, we each recorded in our own home studios and swapped tracks back and forth via dropbox. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

For Once In My Life

I rarely post work from my past but this is so old it’s interesting to see there was a time when Canadian tv had a budget for an entire orchestra. The late, great Jerry Toth is the leader. Everyone recorded live off the floor. Does that happen often anymore? No punching in. This goes so far back that I hadn’t reverted back to using my real name yet. Wonderful players.

Thank You

Microphone sitting in wooden case in front of a fire and a Christmas tree.

I want to thank all the great musicians I rehearsed and gigged with in 2018. Also a big thank you to everyone who hired me and my trio or band last year. I’ll be in the studio finishing a project started in 2018. So wish me luck!

Have a great year!